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Learning Through Evaluation

Welcome to Impact

Organisations are now under increased pressure to monitor quality and to justify the development budget.  Evaluation often becomes an afterthought, the process places additional burdens on Training and Development Teams, and feedback requests add to the 'to do' list of already busy staff. Yet you know that evaluation and monitoring is a key indicator of your organisations health.


Effective organisations have a genuine desire to improve what they do and how they do it.  They value their staff and believe that Training and Development is an integral part of their future success.


Here at IMPACT Evaluation and Research Services we are seeking to work with organisations that are striving for excellence and who have a genuine desire to improve what they do and how they do it.


We offer you an objective and bespoke evaluation service that integrates with your training and development programmes, provides feedback to you at each step of the way, and communicates well to staff and stakeholders.


We are keen to begin a conversation with you and welcome your enquiry.  Whether corporate, public service, or charity; we are able to explore your requirements to tailor our services to your particular situation.


Small beginnings lead to big results. Simple, effective soutions...
helping you achieve excellence through group facilitation, training and coaching
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