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Terma and Conditions

Karis Consulting Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales.  Company registration no. 6218877.


Karis Consulting Ltd provides two inter-related services.  First, the provision of Training, Group Facilitation, Coaching and Consultancy, under the title KARIS.  And second, the provision of an Evaluation and Research Service, under the title IMPACT.


For our work to be as effective as possible a high degree of honesty and integrity are required by facilitator(s) and participant(s).  To enable this to flourish complete confidentiality is required of all parties concerned.
No feedback of a personal nature will be available other than that freely supplied by the participant(s).


All evaluation and inquiry is undertaken within ethically agreed guidelines. 

Any commercial information we become aware of during the period of this work will be treated as strictly confidential.


Intellectual property:
Although our work is likely to be tailor made to the requirements of the Client, it is understood that it remains the intellectual property of KARIS Consulting Ltd.  It is our wish for business and philosophical reasons that as many people benefit from such work as possible.  And that we demonstrate a willingness to share our learning as widely as possible.


Articles published on this site have been credited to the originating author and/or source.  If any article is found to be incorrectly credited, please contact us at info@karis.biz

Take time to read our Terms and Conditions. Simple, effective soloutions...
helping you achieve excellence through group facilitation, training and coaching
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