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Leading Through Learning
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Leadership and Development

Leaders today are being called upon to manage in ways that empower and encourage. The conventional role has now expanded to include those of facilitator, coach, mentor, and change agent. To fulfil these new demands leaders constantly need to extend their repertoire of skill, increasing in professional awareness, and growing in emotional competence.


At Karis, we aim to develop empowered facilitators, whether you are a leader, manager, group facilitator or independent consultant. We will support and challenge you to go beyond your current level of skills, to pose new questions, open new doors, and to gain confidence and creativity in your leadership style.


Our programmes are highly experiential, and often tailored to the particular learning agenda of participants. You will find our approach refreshing, challenging, and highly rewarding.


Additionally, our programmes can be incorporated with a range of psychometric instruments that we are licensed to deliver. For example,


•  Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI
•  Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – FIRO
•  Belbin Team Inventory
•  360 Degree Feedback


Sand Shadows
Develop and grow into a natural leader. Simple, effective soloutions...
helping you achieve excellence through group facilitation, training and coaching
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