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Facilitator Support

We recognise that facilitators work in challenging environments, frequently encountering difficult situations, and often handling resistance.  Such dynamics take their toll on us, so who helps the helper?


Our support groups offer a place for facilitators, leaders, and managers to engage in a regular high quality supervision, providing opportunities for further personal and professional development.   Though learning is led by the group agenda, our experience has shown that the content falls within the following areas.


Facilitator maintenance - peer coaching and review to manage stress, to get support to manage resistance, increase own emotional competence, and share strategies and insights.

Professional development - new tools and models, feedback, de-brief and preparation for difficult situations. Development would be linked to the real and ongoing needs of the group.

Group development - working with the learning group to gain understanding of group dynamics, clear interpersonal issues, and build confidence.


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Challenging environments requires support. Simple, effective soloutions...
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