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Principle Associates

Brian Watts PhotoWelcome to our team page. My name is Brian Watts, I am the founder of Karis and have been delivering professional development training for over 20 years. My own expertise is in Group Facilitation, where I endeavor to help people increase their efficiency by learning more about themselves, about others, and about team dynamics. Over the years I have discovered that the key to good leadership is effective learning – a strand that you will find through all of our work.


It has been my pleasure in recent years to work with some excellent facilitators, and I would like to introduce you to them. Together we have a breadth of expertise drawn from the fields of Group Facilitation, Organisational Development, Change, Diversity, Evaluation, Training, and Education. We are committed to a kind of learning that supports and values individuals, and the organisations that they work in. We attend to our own learning, and maintain a depth to our practice through a commitment to academic rigour, experiential learning, and developmental supervision.


Paul Barber Photo

Paul Barber, following a career in health education, became Director of the Human Potential Research Group at the University of Surrey, where he co-designed the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies. He has also initiated the UK’s first MSc in Management Consultancy and has written extensively upon management development, group facilitation, coaching and organisational change. Paul is Professor of Organisational Development at Middlesex University, and currently acts as a community facilitator for several organisations, including Diageo and Glaxo-Smith-Kline. He teaches facilitation and team leadership on Masters courses at the Roffey Institute, and person-centred research and knowledge upon the Taught Doctorate in Psychotherapy at the University of Derby.


Jenny Cook Photo

Jenny Cook is a Management Consultant with particular expertise in coaching for individuals and leadership teams. Recent projects include planning and delivering an action learning programme for all senior public service staff across Wales, facilitating change management and leadership in the Department of Works and Pensions; leading a large project reviewing and recommending changes to ensure best management practice in a private hospital. In addition, Jenny is regularly coaching at Director level in Industry, the NHS, and the Voluntary sector. Her work is underpinned by diagnostic evaluations, particularly in the form of appreciative enquiry, and action learning.


Jan Etienne Photo

Jan Etienne is a Diversity Research Consultant who has worked on projects at a National level, and across a wide range of providers of educational learning and support services. Jan is experienced working in Local Government and in initiating and implementing Equalities Policies across the London Boroughs. She is a member of the Policy Studies Association (PSA) and is a long serving Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Continuing Education at Birkbeck College. Jan continues to work as a researcher exploring key educational and diversity issues in areas such as: Practices in staff recruitment and selection processes and procedures; Implementation of Positive Action Programmes; Progress and assessment of Leadership Development Programmes.


Viv Grant Photo

Viv Grant is a leadership coach and consultant with a strong record in the Public Sector, where she specialises in supporting new leaders and helping individuals and organisations to develop positive solutions for managing diversity in the workplace. She is an Associate for the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, at the University of London, and plays a key role in the facilitation and delivery of a number of the centre’s leadership programmes. Within the field of Diversity and Equal opportunities, Viv has a wealth of expertise and a growing reputation for developing innovative and creative approaches to developing BME leaders in the workplace.


Jonathan Heath Photo

Jonathan Heath is a successful management consultant and coach for over seventeen years. He is a leading specialist in Diversity & Equality Training and Consultancy, creating innovative and experiential programs that address the arising leadership issues for a multi-cultural Britain. Jonathan has developed a series of Diversity Audit tools and Best Practice Guides. With a relaxed easy going style mixed with a challenging pragmatic approach, Jonathan has enabled transition and change to occur in many traditionally resistant work cultures.


Jonathan Heath Photo

Rob Husband has been involved in management and development for over 20 years. His career began in retail management before moving to the Voluntary sector where he successfully led a number of National development projects and initiatives. He has developed, delivered and coordinated training for front line staff, managers and leaders across a range of organisations, including the delivery of Institute of Leadership Management qualifications up to Diploma Level. He is a Myers Briggs practitioner and holds a post graduate diploma in development training. Rob is an experienced facilitator, and is known to be a creative and enthusiastic trainer. The hall marks of his approach are participation, involvement, challenge and openness.


Fiona Mackay Photo

Fiona Mackay is Programme Director for the Aspiring Principals and Senior Leadership Programme at the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL), has experience working in national agencies, and of working with multi disciplinary work environments. She has a wide experience in crafting and facilitating learning events for individuals, groups and organisation linking a critical exploration of practice with conceptual material. Fiona has an interest in the learning of leadership, diversity and organisational dynamics and the role of emotion in organisational life. Her publications include a paper on the career aspirations of black managers in Further Education and a CEL publication on the career pathways of newly appointed Principals and CEO’s.


Bella Mehta Photo

Bella Mehta has a background in Project Management for BBC News, and more recently as a Management Consultant for Deloitte Consulting. Her business experience is complemented by a parallel career in Counseling, and in Group Facilitation. Currently she works as a coach, applying her skills in the support of women in leadership, and women who are starting in business. Bella is a founder of the acclaimed Wimbledon Women in Business, and it’s two sister groups. She is co-author of the recently published book ‘Make it Your Business’, a handbook for would-be and existing female entrepreneurs that explains how to set up, run and grow a business.


Wynn Rees Photo

Wynn Rees is a group facilitator and executive coach. He is fluent in Welsh, and has a background at senior level in a Local Authority. His work is based on twenty five years of management and personal development through HR in the public sector. Wynn’s diverse facilitation skills have been applied by people who lead functions as varied as Arts Management and School Management Teams to Highway Design & Management to Banking specialists. He holds MCIPD, and is an experienced Myers Briggs Practitioner.


Paul Pivcevic Photo

Paul Pivcevic is a Change Consultant and Group Facilitator. His approach to consultancy is dedicated to increasing the capacity and capability of individuals and organisations to embed successful cooperation and lasting change. Paul is a research practitioner, and enables organisations to engage in effective and meaningful conversations in order to evaluate their performance and to plan for the future. Paul is an innovator, having developed the notion of Cooperative Intelligence, which has integrated into an Organisational Health Audit that is currently being tested across a range of organisations.


Michael Preston Photo

Michael Preston is a qualified and experienced head teacher, teacher trainer, facilitator, and coach. Currently he is working on an extended Executive Coaching contract for the MOD, where he is also developing their thinking on approaches needed to evaluate the personal development that comes from what are sometimes viewed as softer skills. Michael included evaluation and assessment as a major part of his Master’s thesis, and was a founder member of the Centre for Evaluation and Development in Teacher Education at The University of Leicester. He now encourages individuals and organisations to include evaluation in their thinking before embarking on training or development of any kind. Helping them judge the true value of their investment.


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