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Learning Through Evaluation

Diversity Audits

Our Diversity Audit will help you assess how effectively your diversity policies, procedures and processes are operating within your organisation.  Commissioning a Diversity Audit is a proactive step towards developing and integrating a Diversity Strategy in order to comply with ever changing legislation, to improve your business effectiveness and to ensure that service provision reflects best practice.


This Diversity Audit will provide a profile for you in relation to the key criteria that you request and the subsequent report can then be utilised as a key instrument in the pursuit of the organisation’s Diversity Strategy.


In our understanding, diversity is an important aspect of any treatment of fairness in an organisation. We take a two level approach involving the concepts of valuing and of discrimination.  The first involves the ways in which people in an organisation are valued for differences, and the extent to which those differences are seen as an asset in your organisation. This part of our approach testifies to our ethos of the uniqueness and dignity of the individual. The second relates to the need to ensure equality of opportunity and the absence of discrimination, whether direct, indirect or institutional.


We are keen to begin a conversation with you and welcome your enquiry.

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