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Learning Through Evaluation

Working Methods

We believe that a higher quality of evaluation is attained if it is built in at the beginning of a training intervention, so that evaluation becomes proactive and not reactive.  Our aim is to develop a meaningful partnership with you, and to work alongside you at each step of the way to achieve the results that you aspire to.


We also consider that evaluation goes further than mere measurement, in that it provides for individuals and teams an opportunity to review their experience, to embed new learning, and to plan ahead.   Evaluation is part of a learning cycle, not a final conclusion.


We utilise a range of activities, and our method will be designed in consultation with you.  Typically though our approach will include a programme review, pre and post event questionnaires, structured interviews, and focus groups.  We are keen to inquire in ways that go beyond mere customer satisfaction, and that reveal the lasting impact that learning has in the workplace.


Please contact us if you require a more detailed discussion of our methodology, or look at the relevant articles in our resources section.



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